You find yourself Called to the Undersea.

Dreams, as everyone knows, are extremely dangerous, always cryptic, and occasionally helpful. It is your dreams that brought you here. Dreams that called you to the sea, and the dark mysteries that lie scattered through its depths. Dreams of shadows, and lions. Dreams of a great power stirring, and dreams of a letter. A single letter written in a tongue that none speak, and yet all understand. A dream that followed you to your waking self, and took up residence.

Dreams have lead you here, to the Wolfstack docks, heart of commerce for the empire of Fallen London. Whether you are a native of this proud and shadowed city, or you hail from as far away as the distant courts of the glorious Khan, you are here, but not for long.

You have all recently responded to an advertisement in that newspaper seeking competent crew for a short merchant trip to Venderbite. The pay is decent, and the journey is short. What could possibly go wrong?

Come Sail the "Sea"

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