Character survey

What is your true/birth name?:

What moniker, if any, do you go by?:


Gender (please do not feel restricted by any binary or even biologically sound conceptions of gender or sexuality):

Please specify here if you are a squid:

Place of Origin:

Have you traveled before coming to London?:

Hair Colour/length/style:

Eye Colour:

Skin Colour:



Distinguishing features?(scars, tattoos, squid for a head, piercings, etc.)?:

Did you have any family? Who were/are they?:

Did you remain in contact with them? if so, how/why?:

What was your job before you were prompted out to the Undersea?:

Did you like it? Hate it?:

Do you still have it?:

Were you married or in a long-term relationship?:

Do you know what happened to them?:

What were your goals and ambitions?:

What were your fears and worries?:

What were your dreams?:

Do you enjoy your new abilities?:

How much of your old life have you hung on to?:

Do you have anything in particular you wish to do at sea, besides whatever it is that that sigil
wants you to do?

Do you have any long-term goals?:

How do you feel about London?:

How do you feel about Crime?:

What are your fears?:

What are your dreams?:

Do you worship any of the Gods? (note that it is not necessary to worship or even like the
gods to gain renown. They’ll notice you if you are worth noticing.) :

Do you exercise regularly?:

In general, how fit are you?:

How are you in a fight?:

Do you like fighting?:

Can you throw a punch?:

Use a gun?:

Use a blade?:

Are you sneaky?

Can you pick a lock?:

Have you ever been seriously injured?:

Done serious injury to another?:

Have you ever watched someone die?:

Have you ever killed someone?:

How did it make you feel?:

Would you kill again?:

When is it acceptable to kill?:

Are you seeing anyone? Who are they?:

For how long?:

Is it serious?:

Do you have a lot of friends?:

Who is your best friend?:

Do you like parties?:

How much money do you have?:

How do you normally dress?:

Can you play an instrument? If so, which one and how well?:

Sexual orientation?:

How do you feel about sex?:

Are you in love with anyone?:

Do you hate anyone?:

How do you usually get your way?:

Character survey

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