Currency (and other items of universal value)


These are the minted coinage of the Bazaar. Accepted everywhere that money is a conceptualized reality. The universal currency of the Neath. Echos are based on the secret standard. That is, the value of the coins is derived from the value of all of the secret information that the masters of The Bazaar have accumulated over the time they have been doing whatever it is they do. The coins are made from a metal that is found nowhere in either the Neath nor the surface that is remarkably hard and lightweight, and has been known to glow very faintly green in the dark. The going exchange rate is approximately 9.2 echos per Florin.


Out of context most secrets may seem like nothing more than a random stream of words, but in the right hands, a secret can change the world. Their value is fluid, and difficult. However, they are plentiful in the Neath, and can be traded, or brought to the central mint in the Bazaar and taken from your memory in exchange for echos.

  • any individual may know a secret, or any number of secrets. They can be written down, and remembered with reasonable ease.

“The root of all good”

Extraordinary Implications

Like a secret but more so. An extraordinary implication is an important rumor, or a similar secret, that possibly hints at the nature of some greater power or plot.

  • Due to the gravity of their nature, it takes an individual with either specialized training, or a wyrd score of at least 1 to properly memorize an Extraordinary Implication. However, they can be written down, and individuals without a wyrd score can remember them clearly for a number of hours equal to their resolve.

“How can such a thing be? Who but you could understand what it means?”

Searing Enigmas

Among the greatest and most powerful secrets of the neath. These tend to be worth large amounts of coin from the Bazaar, but can have hazardous effects on those who know them. This is the realm where knowledge begins to bend the world, and powers are woken with phrases.

  • Due to the gravity of their nature, it takes an individual with either extremely specialized abilities or a wyrd score of at least 3 to memorize a Searing Enigma. Searing Enigmas will burst into flames if written down by any who do not have access to special rituals or powers. Even parts of Searing Enigmas written down separately will smolder and burn away slowly. Characters without a Wyrd score cannot memorize or understand a Searing Enigma. Those with a Wyrd score less than 3 but greater than 0 can remember a Searing Enigma for a number of Minutes Equal to their Wyrd. Certain creatures of the deep and academics may be able to sense the weight of a searing Enigma as it burns within the soul of its holder.

“Mysteries are fire. Truth burns.”

A Dread Surmise

The be all and end all of secrets. A Dread Surmise is not only a secret, but it is a truly powerful truth that is completely understood. The knowledge of such a thing has value beyond measure, but simply admitting to knowing it can sometimes be more dangerous than any amount of coin is worth.

  • No character with a Wyrd score of less than 5 can understand or remember a Dread Surmise. They cannot be written down, and even hearing them spoken can be fatal to those with low, or nonexistent Wyrd scores. The strain of holding such a secret in causes mild derangements to manifest in a character. Holding a Dread Surmise automatically lowers your morality rating to 6, unless it is 10, in which case the purity of the characters intent protects them from the terrible nature of the understanding. An individual who holds a Dread Surmise can automatically recognize another who is similarly burdened. Besides killing some that hear it, and injuring others, speaking a Dread Surmise aloud can have terrible consequences.

“The awful daring of a moment’s supposition which an age of ignorance can never deny.”

Currency (and other items of universal value)

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