There are Three Main Gods on the Sea. There are also the nameless things of the deep to which respect is sometimes paid. Oh, and Hell. Hell is close here, and will always bargain for power.

See GIfts and Rituals for information on the mechanical significance the gods.


Stone: The goddess of heart and home, Stone is known as the most merciful of the three. She is a god of healing, stability, and defense of those things that are precious. But then… she is still a god the Sea. Hers is the Elder Continent. She is the mountain of Light. Her Blood spills forth endlessly from the great wound of the mountain, and flows past Adam’s way into the sea.

“It’s very far away; but perhaps it’s watching you.”

Storm: The God of High Places and Anger. When tension fills the air, when breath is held in anticipation, in the moments before the crash, that is the god storm. The crash of thunder, the impact of ships on rocks, the spray of blood into water, this is the god Storm. They say that he dwells among the false stars of the ceiling, or perhaps he is the false stars.

“An ancient anger knows you.”

Salt: The nameless god of farewells. Those who salt favors are likely to never see home again. He is the eastern breeze and the unbidden tears of longing. Most unknowable of the gods, but there are none who set to the sea who have not felt him. The out of place, and the uncanny are Salt’s, and it is with him that sailors bargain with when they are lost at sea, and all hope has fled.

“It’s watching you; if it even exists.”

The Nameless Gods of the Deep: Little is know, and even less is spoken.

“You cannot be without a name. Only those gods of the deep are without a title.”


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