London! Dark and Glorious

“FALLEN LONDON! Deep, dark and marvelous. All voyages start here: and this is where successful voyages end.”

London is one of the largest cities in the Neath, and the starting point of your adventure. It was brought to the Neath exactly 60 years ago when the Traitor Empress (known at the time as Queen Victoria) struck a bargain with the forces of the Bazaar. In exchange for an unnamed price, the city and all of it’s denizens were brought below. It is the fifth city to be brought here, though for what purpose, perhaps even those of the Bazaar do not know.

Major Aspects of London:

The Wolfstack Docks: Where all trade enters and leaves the great city. Home to the offices of the admiralty. The area is full of all those who have business, both wholesome and otherwise, and some who would seek to pray on the unsuspecting. Dangerous, but lively, shadows here are generally left unexplored, and almost everyone is heading quickly from one place to another.

The University: Academics are a dangerous lot, but thankfully you almost never see them. They stay within the walls of their fortress of knowledge, and venture out but rarely. The only people you are likely to speak to from the university are either the front desk staff, or the back door “acquisitions officers.” Only a select few are ever allowed to enter the building, but once inside the often accomplish great things, sometimes they even survive their projects.

The Shuttered Palace: Home to the traitor empress. The elites of the city, and visiting dignitaries are often seen coming and going from the high doors at the front of this majestic old palace. The shuttered palace is one of the two seats of power in London.

The Echo Bazaar: The beating heart of all commerce in the Neath. The spires and domes of this great building soar into the sky above London, the eerie light from the shimmering sigils scrawled across them highlighting their outlines in the dark. . Anything you could ever want can be bought or sold somewhere within the labyrinth of shops and stalls. Need Parabola linen from the dream lands of Irem? A crate of human souls? A clay man servant? 400 sandwiches shaped like anatomically correct knee joints? You can find it all in the Bazaar. There are certain items that are restricted or forbidden, but that usually just means that they are much harder to find, and their price is perhaps not always so easily measured.

The Brass Embassy: The Embassy of the infernal in London. Hell has a finger in every pie, and a foothold in every city.

The Forgotten Quarter: A section of London that was lost. Well, not entirely. You can find it occasionally, usually not where you are looking for it. It tends to move around, and even those most familiar with it, have trouble remembering exactly what is in it. Home to many mysteries, and even a few answers, the Forgotten Quarter is considered one of the most dangerous locations in London, if for no other reason than nobody can quite remember what it looks like.

London! Dark and Glorious

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