The weight of the secrets you carry, the power of the things you have come to understand. Having a higher Wyrd will make your gifts more potent, and earn you respect among certain forces in the Neath. However, the greater the weight of your knowledge, the more it will attract the attention of the powers that be.

Benefits of Wyrd:

*Wyrd affects a character’s ability to manifest her magical energy, representing how many points of Mana a player can spend in a single turn. Wyrd also limits how much Mana a character can contain at one time; the higher her Wyrd, the more Mana she can store within herself.

  • Increasing Wyrd to 6 allows a character to increase her skills and attributes beyond 5 dots. They become more than other mortals.
  • A character’s Wyrd is used to resist the effects of many mystical powers

Downsides of Wyrd

*A character with Wyrd 6 or higher starts to become dependent on the Undersea. They begin to take damage if they are too long away. A Character with Wyrd 6 or higher must spend at least one hour at sea every 11 – (Wyrd score) days or take one aggravated damage per day. time spent at sea simply needs to be in close proximity to the Undersea, with a walk along the beach, or time spent at a dock being sufficient to avoid the penalties.

*There are things that notice powerful Wyrd, that it might be better not to be noticed by. A character with a high Wyrd is likely to attract strange creatures and phenomenon while at sea.


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