[ 1 ] Lie Of Nature

Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Renown Nameless

Action: Instant

Catch: The Character is attempting to infiltrate a location in search of information

Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to be special. Hostile creatures and individuals might take notice of the Wyrd or Secrets held by a character. Sometimes it is best to be able to disguise one’s nature. With this Gift, a Character can cover the subtle signs of his Wyrd, so that it becomes difficult or even impossible for others to know him for what he is.

Dramatic Failure: The Character unintentionally enhances the Power of their Wyrd, making them seem as though their Wyrd is 2 points higher than it actually is to outside tests. It also makes it seem that any secrets they have are of greater intensity that

Failure: The Character fails to conceal his nature.

Success: The supernatural power of the character is disguised for the remainder of the scene. Any attempt to discern his nature fails, unless the investigating creature scores more successes on her Wits + Primal Urge roll than the Character has dots in Nameless renown. Other powers can still detect a Character thus concealed for what he is.

Exceptional Success: No number of successes on the part of an investigator can penetrate the New Moon’s olfactory concealment.

[ 2 ] Crack In The Armor

Cost: 1 Mana

Dice Pool: This power requires no roll.

Action: Reflexive

Catch: The character is attempting to steal an object of value from someone who is not a sailor.

Cunning seeks out and exploits flaws in individuals, societies, devices, or whatever else. A Character has to be ready to take advantage of any weakness and, to do that, she first needs to be able to find those hidden vulnerabilities. Upon activating this Gift, the player adds the character’s dots in the Nameless Renown as bonus dice on any roll to discern flaws, weaknesses, or other shortcomings in a person, organization, structure, item, or any other thing: an Intelligence + Crafts roll to find the breaking point for a powerful fetish, for example, or a Wits + Socialize roll to determine the best manner in which to infiltrate a secret society.

[ 3 ] Deep Pockets

Cost: 2 Mana

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Larceny + Renown Nameless

Action: Instant

Catch: The object being hidden on the character’s person is not a weapon.

Part of the creed of Cunning is the ability to conceal what must remain hidden, even from the most intense scrutiny. A Character who learns this Gift finds that his feats of legerdemain are more than mere parlor tricks. With a single success, the character can hide an inanimate object of up to Size 3 untraceably upon her person. Alternately, the Character may hide an item (of up to Size 6) that is not carried on her person: A big-screen television, for example, or even a door. The Gift’s effects last for a scene or less, should the character wish to end it prematurely, and any successes beyond the first rolled in the Gift’s activation are automatically applied to the results of any roll that the Character’s player must make to keep the object hidden from supernatural scrutiny.

Dramatic Failure: The item is not concealed and, in fact, becomes especially conspicuous to all within visual range, adding two dice to any mundane or supernatural attempts to locate the object for the remainder of the scene.

Failure: The Character fails to conceal the object.

Success: The object is hidden from scrutiny, as above.

Exceptional Success: No additional effect.

[ 4 ] The Song of the Sea

The Sea sings to all living things. Its song is long and it echoes in the bones of every creature that hears it. Using this power, a character can imitate, at least partially that universal understanding that all creatures bound to the sea share.

Cost: 1 Mana

Dice Pool: Renown Nameless + Socialize

Action: Instant

Catch: the character fears they are going to be cheated on a deal, or that those around them are otherwise intentionally plotting against him.

Dramatic Failure: The Character cannot understand a word people say to him for the remainder of the scene, even if they’re speaking his own language, unless he uses an instant action to concentrate on what they’re saying, during which time he can do nothing else but move up to his Speed.

Failure: The Character fails to tune into the universal language.

Success: For the remainder of the scene, the Character can understand any language spoken within earshot, provided he can clearly hear it. (Muffled voices or whispers don’t count.) Additionally, when he talks, the speakers of a single one of the languages he heard can understand him, as if he were speaking that language. He can break the barrier for one additional language per success, choosing which languages are affected as he hears them, until he has declared his full allotment. For example, a Character who rolled two successes and who hears people speaking Cantonese, Japanese and Cambodian can choose two of these languages to emulate when he speaks to those who spoke them. Once the scene ends, he remembers nothing of the languages. This gift can also be used to communicate with the various creatures that dwell in the Sea. It does not ensure that they will have the capacity to uphold a very interesting conversation, and it does not ensure that they will be willing to talk, but it does allow for two way communication regardless of the nature of the Beast.

Exceptional Success: As with a success, except that the Character can now speak any language he hears, with no limit, for the duration of the scene.

[ 5 ] Cheating Fate

Cost: 1 Mana and 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Renown Nameless

Action: Reflexive

Catch: the character is taking some action to evade pursuit that is not directly combative. (for example, the gift could not be used for free in order to shoot at a pursuer and kill them so that pursuit would be stopped, but could be used to arm a trap that would be sprung by someone who was on the character’s tail)

Some believe that luck is what it is: Uncaring fortune that the individual must simply endure, whether for good or for ill. Those chosen by the Nameless Gods, however, know that luck is Cunning, the Character discovers that it can be far better to be lucky than good, gaining a second chance when she most needs it. This Gift enables the player to re-roll any dice that do not come up as successes on a die roll; effectively, she retroactively gives the action the rote quality. As per a normal rote action, she may do so for a failed action, though not a dramatically failed one. This Gift may only be used once for any given use of a particular action. (In other words, the player may not pay the cost for this Gift repeatedly until all of her dice come up as successes.)

Dramatic Failure: The Character dramatically fails the action to which she attempts to assign the rote quality.

Failure: The character does not get to re-roll any failed dice on the action in question.

Success: The character retroactively assigns the rote quality to an action taken within the current turn for which she has not rolled a dramatic failure.

Exceptional Success: No additional effect.


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