Salt's Displeasure

Salt’s Displeasure •:

Salt’s Displeasure is quiet and terrible like the emptiness felt in the heart when remembering loved ones we will never see again. It is a curse of bleak skies and bitter winds, all felt in the psyche. The victim feels the effects of exposure to wind, rain and chill even indoors or on a sunny day. When outdoors, the curse intensifies, inflicting a penalty equal to half the activation successes on any rolls while exposed. This effect lasts one day per activation success

Salt’s Displeasure ••:

The Sailor may increase the duration of the psychic bleakness to three days per activation success by spending an extra point of Mana.

Salt’s Displeasure •••:

The general temperature drops, and the victim perceives it as below freezing. Whenever she attempts to use a Physical Skill outdoors suffers a –2 modifier as she tries to keep her balance.

Salt’s Displeasure ••••:

Shivering and unable to concentrate, the victim cannot ever get warm enough. All her actions suffer a –2 modifier.

Salt’s Displeasure •••••:

The gloom reaches into the target’s very soul. The victim must succeed at a Resolve roll or lose a point of Willpower at the end of each hour. This effect is not negated by shelter.

Salt's Displeasure

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