Stone's Circle.

The one who evokes this blessing draws a circle in calk on the ground. Those who rest within the bounds of the circle feel the weight of stone’s gaze as, in her compassion, she tends to their wounds.

The Circle must be a maximum of 5 feet in diameter, plus an additional five feet per level of renown Stone.

Deity: Stone

Cost: 2 mana.

Pool: Stamina + Medicine + Renown Stone

Envoking time: 5 Min -

Dramatic Failure: The smell of rot permiates the air and stone turns her gaze elsewhere. The Sailor cannot attempt to evoke any of stone’s blessings again for a number of days equal to 6 – (renown stone), to a minimum of one. Mana spent is lost

Failure: Stone fails to answer to call of the sailor, and nothing happens. Mana spent is lost.

Success: Once the circle is closed and the mana spent, the area inside is infused with a pleasant warmth. For every hour than an individual spends within the circle one point of damage that is on them may be downgraded by one step. For example, if the subject has one point of lethal damage, and spends an hour in the circle, that damage can be reduced to a point of bashing damage. Any points of bashing damage that are downgraded in this manner, are simply removed. The affect ends when any creature inside the circle leaves its confines.

Exceptional Success: Functions the same as a normal success, but with the immediate affect of downgrading two points worth of damage as soon as the circle is closed.

Stone's Circle.

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